Date: 06.09.2023

We have created the Early Adopter Program (EAP) so that you can benefit from the advantages of our software as early as possible (and at no cost) and at the same time we can can improve our software. Therefore, we are interested in feedback, bug reports or suggestions for improvement. Kindly let us know if you have any questions or face any issue in our support forum.

We have already extensively tested the software internally and carried out projects with pilot customers. Nevertheless, errors cannot be excluded. However, we make every effort to correct any errors and problems reported to us as quickly as possible. Please carefully read the following EAP terms and conditions. 

Terms and conditions

By participating in the EAP, you agree to the following terms and conditions between the textada project (“textada”, “we”) and you (“you”, “the user”):

  • Participation in the EAP and thus using our software is free of charge.
  • The software in its entirety or parts of it may be unusable or unavailable for undetermined periods of time, e.g., due to severe bugs, maintenance work, or updates. For planned down-times, e.g., when the software will not be available due to planned maintenance, textada is committed but not obliged to inform you 5 days ahead. 
  • The software may lose your project data, partially or entirely, e.g., due to severe bugs or software upgrades. You are responsible for taking backups of your data. You can use the export function provided in textada to do so.
  • We are committed to fixing bugs and providing support, but we are neither obliged to do so nor within a specific duration.
  • The EAP lasts indefinitely. Either party can end the user’s EAP participation without further notice or reasoning taking effect immediately. The user’s EAP participation will automatically end when we end the EAP. Either party has to inform the other party in written form, e.g., you can send us an email (, about ending the EAP or EAP participation, respectively.