What are the benefits of using Assisted Annotation? 

Assisted annotation can save you a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual annotation by suggesting annotations that are relevant to your task. Additionally, it can help you to identify patterns and insights that you may not have noticed on your own. You will also be able to skip irrelevant or known text segments, so your work will also be less repetitive.

what is assisted annotation & how does it work?

Assisted annotation uses advanced AI technology to analyze the content, context and underlying meaning of you annotated text and suggest annotations based on that analysis. The tool takes into account things like the meaning of words, their relationships to other words, and the overall structure of the text. By suggesting annotations, assisted annotation can save you time and effort compared to manual annotation. We also offer you a custom view to check the suggested annotations more efficiently. 

what platforms are supported?

All desktop computers and laptops! textada is available as a web-tool and runs in all modern browsers. You might also be able to use textada on your tablet (depending on its screen resolution), but only desktop computers and laptops are officially supported.

Can textada learn from other sources or other people’s annotations? 

We are working on this amazing feature. Yes, it will be possible to use AI models from other sources with textada to replicate their annotation scheme, but currently, each project needs some manual annotations to learn about your data and your categories. Reusing your own AI from another project is of course possible as well, get in touch with us for details. Of course, you can have multiple annotators working in the same project. 

How do I install textada? 

You don’t have to! textada runs as a web-tool, so you can just log in via your browser.

Is Assisted Annotation available for everyone?

Yes! Assisted annotation is available for all textada users.

How does textada use AI technology?

textada uses AI technology to automate the annotation process. We do this to suggest annotations that match the manual annotation behavior. Our AI algorithm is constantly learning from the user’s annotations and checked suggested annotations in the background, which helps to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the tool. 

Can I still add my own annotations? 

Yes, you can always add your own annotations. In fact, we believe that the combination of AI-suggested annotations and user-added annotations is what makes textada so powerful. The tool is designed to work alongside your existing annotation processes and can be used to supplement your manual annotation. Thus, textada always allows you to easily add, edit, and delete annotations as needed. It will also always be clear which annotations have been added by the AI and which ones you made or checked manually.