emerging: special custom tools instead of a jack of all trades

Absatzwirtschaft recently featured textada in their consumer insights and data software section, emphasizing the importance of low-to-no-code solutions in the digital age. Here’s a brief summary of the featured piece published on 10. March 2023. Link to the full read below.

In today’s age data has been declared the most valuable asset for businesses. It helps companies to understand potential customers and make data-driven decisions. However, dealing with large amounts of data can be challenging, and programming languages are often required to extract valuable insights. This creates a need for data experts who can write complex code to analyze and interpret data.

To address this challenge, low-code, and zero-code platforms have emerged, which replace code with a graphical interface for application development. Low-code platforms provide an option to manually adapt the application with code, while zero-code platforms are solely based on the visual assembly of individual components. These platforms simplify the development process, reducing the dependency on experts and accelerating application delivery.

One such specialized tool is textada, which simplifies the annotation of texts for businesses, academics and media specialists. It breaks down large volumes of text into its core statements, enabling the users to quickly extract valuable insights. textada’s AI learns in the background from the users’ manual annotations, suggesting and even annotating independently. The tool also features smart assistants for keyword classification and identifying interesting sentiments in analyzed documents.

textada eliminates the need for programming knowledge, making it a useful tool in marketing, customer service, social media and any other professions dealing with text content. With the software, individuals can manage large volumes of texts, reducing the risk of losing track of important information. textada is currently running several pilot projects with a start-up grant to further develop the software.

We are here to simplify the process of analyzing large volumes of text, eliminating the need for programming expertise and reducing dependency on experts. With textada, the future of data analysis looks more accessible and user-friendly.

Full read (in German) is available here.

We have launched our early adopter plan to help you get to know the software and ease the transition from expensive and time-consuming annotation!